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Do you like Relaxation Music ?

 Are you interested in earning a generous commission for doing very little?

Would you like to earn money from your website and/or email list ?

The Relaxation Music Australia Affiliate Program can help !!

The Relaxation Music Australia Affiliate Program allows you to earn extra $$$from your website by directing traffic to  This is done by placing our banners or graphics or links on your website. 

If someone clicks on our banner or link on YOUR website, they are then redirected to 

If they then purchase from our website, YOU GET A COMMISSION  !!

How easy is that ?

The retail price of both albums - "River to the Sea", and "Sea to Sky" - is $6.47

The commission you will earn if a customer you have sent then purchases from our website is $2.47

This equates to 38% of the retail price.

All you need to do is put links or banners or graphics - ours, or yours if you wish -
on your websites or blogs or in your emails.

Step 1

The Relaxation Music Australia Affiliate Program is co-ordinated by the good people at PayLoadz.
Please click on the PayLoadz icon below and sign up for a FREE account.
The "Sign Up Now" button is near the top left of the PayLoadz Home Page.

All you need is an email address and a password.

Relaxation Music Australia Affiliate Program 

Step 2

Once you have signed up with PayLoadz, you will need to get your own unique tracking code.

This is again very easy.

While still logged in to your new Payloadz account, click or paste in to your browser this URL:

" "

This will take you to the Affiliate Code Generator page on the PayLoadz site.

NOTE - You must be logged in to your new PayLoadz account for this to work correctly.

Step 3

On the Affiliate Code Generator page on the PayLoadz site, enter your name, and your Paypal email address.  This is so the commissions you will earn can be sent to you !!!

Clicking on the "Submit" button will generate your unique tracking code(s).

Step 4

As per the screen shots above, you will be presented with 3 Options, each with it's own unique URL.  These URLs have all the necessary tracking code in them, so that PayLoadz knows who to credit - YOU - with the Affiliate commissions from any sales made !!!

Choose the Option that most suits you and your website, or preferred selling method.

Copy the relevant url into your websites, or your blogs, or your emails, or your newsletters.

Feel free to use any of the below graphics/images in your websites or your blogs or your emails.  You can then use your unique tracking url as a link behind these graphics on your website.

Windows users - Simply right click on each/any of the images/graphics and "Save Picture As" to save it to your computer.
MAC users - ummm.... you'll know what to do..... :-)

Step 5

Drive as much traffic as you can towards your unique Relaxation Music Australia link !!!
Tell your websites or blogs visitors to "click here for relaxation music", and have your unique url as a link underneath the "click here" words.

You could set up a Google Ads campaign, and again use your unique Relaxation Music Australia url as the main link for your ads.

You could use it as part of your email signature.

There are many, many ways to get people to click on your unique Relaxation Music Australia link.

River to the Sea              Sea to Sky 
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Contact Information

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate, and earning a generous commission on each sale of our music via your website, please contact us:

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